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Top 10 Boat Names 2016

Top 10 Boat Names 2016

So you’ve just got a new boat and it’s time to name it. Giving a boat a individual name is a great way to give it some personality; as well as showing the world a bit of yours.

But when given a blank canvas it can be pretty tricky to decide what your pride and joy is going to be called for the rest of it’s life!

Well we are here to help with the Top 10 most popular boat names 2016 as compiled by BoatUS. Take a look at this list for some inspiration, or make sure you don’t call it one of these if you want to be different from the rest!

Top 10 Boat Names 2016

1. Happy Ours
2. Freedom
3. Grace
4. Serendipity
5. Island Time
6. No Regrets
7. Liberty
8. At Last
9. Blue Moon
10. Aquaholic

Some long time classics in there, but the biggest shocker for anyone following boat names is that ‘Serenity’, 2015 & 2014’s number 1 slot doesn’t even make the cut in 2016. Tastes change fast in the world of boat names it seems!

Top 5 Boating Products Of 2016

This month Boating Industry magazine picked it’s list of the best boating products of 2016. Here at Bailey & Stone we’ve looked at their selection and picked our favourite gear; from life saving devices to high-tech toys, to bring you our personal best boating products of 2016 list, how many of these do you plan on trying out this year?

Bailey & Stone’s Top 5 Boating Products of 2016

Aegis Lifeshirt

Aegis Lifeshirt: Top 5 Boating Products of 2016

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are a essential part of water safety and should be a boating product we all own, but they can often be bulky and uncomfortable.

To fix this Aegis have come up with the Lifeshirt, a everyday water sport look shirt with automatic or manual active inflation built in.

The Lifeshirt is in the early stages and not currently available in the UK, but with Aegis planning on many developments going forward this could be one of the biggest innovations on a range of classic boating products we have seen in many years.

Garmin Quatix 3 Marine GPS Smartwatch

Garmin Quatix 3 Smart Watch: Top 5 Boating Products of 2016

The Garmin Quatix 3 is the latest in marine smartwatch technology.

It is equipped with many important cruising, fishing and sailing features, delivers standard smartwatch notifications for emails and text messages, and importantly looks smart also when on land.

Hobie Cat Mirage i11s

Hobie Cat Mirage i11s: Top 5 Boating Products of 2016 The Mirage i11s is the latest and lightest weight hands-free kayak offered by Hobie.

It’s elegant but simplistic design make it the perfect addition for any boat owner who likes having that extra craft for more fun when on the water.

Premier Pontoons Ricochet Ladder

Premier Pontoons Ricochet Ladder: Top 5 Boating Products of 2016

Ever forgot to put your ladder back into a safe position before setting off?

Well Premier Pontoons has came up with the answer. The Ricochet Ladder is a self retracting ladder that will automatically retract to a safe position if it detects motion.

SeaDek Dual-Density Velcro Helm Station Pad

SeaDek Velcro Helm Pad: Top 5 Boating Products of 2016

The SeaDek Helm Station Pad offers the perfect combination of comfort and safety while sitting or standing at your helm for hours on end.

This pad is made from 21mm closed cell foam that absorbs impacts protecting your body, and is made from the latest non-slip technologies.